gearhead69 (gearhead69) wrote in rubegoldberg,

Completed rolling ball sculpture the first!

As the title pretty obviously suggests, this is the first rolling ball sculpture I completed, back in October of 2008.  It took me nearly a month of free time to put together.  The design started out as me simply doing the giant spiral, that was the only element I really had in my head when I started.  The spiral itself took quite a while to stabilize.  The rest of it seemed to go a little more quickly, but that's probably not the case at all, it's just how I remember it.  I hope this image isn't too large.  If it is, let me know and I'll do whatever I have to to fix that.

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Looks great! I especially like the loop-de-loops at the bottom; nice touch.
Thanks very much. I actually created those loops to go around each tripod leg so that I could incorporate the design into the stability. I didn't want to have these giant support braces just zig-zagging up through that nice open area beneath the spiral. Hopefully it sort of worked out that way, anyway.
Well, it really must have, because i didn't even realize they were acting as braces, just as extra fun. Success! :D
Wow. That is beautiful. And the picture's at just the right size to appreciate the detail, too.
Thanks very much! It was a real learning experience, but for a first completed effort I feel like I...well, I'm actually kind of amazed that it even works! I encourage anyone who has half an interest in trying it to give it a shot. It's fun stuff! (Well, once you get over those first few days of cursing, that is.)