gearhead69 (gearhead69) wrote in rubegoldberg,

Rolling Ball Sculpture - Construction Photos

As requested, here are some photos of the construction of my latest rolling ball sculpture. 

Beginning supports  Joining the supframe pieces first spiral attached Three spirals mounted

It basically involves a lot of careful twisting and bending and some practice with a plumber's torch and some solder.  It's very basic stuff, but you need to be armed with some patience and a few tools.  Many times I will bend wire around an object with the arc or angle I want, such as a flower pot or a piece of PVC pipe.  I use a selection of pliers, and seems that I keep wantint to purchase more and different kinds of those, but for now it's basically needle nose, channel lock (without teeth!), and lineman's pliers.  I bent all the spirals from coils I made by wrapping them around a piece of PVC pipe and then expanding or tightening the coil however I needed it for the final shape.  There's a lot of filing involved as well, filing of the ends of wire and the joints where things will be soldered.  I guess I like detail work, as this can add up to hours of the finished product's total time investment.  Sometimes it seems to move slowly, but the finished product is always worth it.
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