gearhead69 (gearhead69) wrote in rubegoldberg,

Rolling Ball Sculpture

Here's a type of Rube Goldberg machine that I've been working with for about a year.  I got into these in part from a very large work I saw displayed in a museum, a piece by George Rhodes called "Science in Motion" using billiard balls. 

I've completed two of these, and have a third, more involved one, in the works.  I use copper house wire, 10 gauge.  I buy it off the shelf and strip the insulation, which actually doesn't take all that long.  The wire is then hand-formed and soldered.  A friend of mine designed and created the base for this piece.  It has been cross-posted to the sculptors LJ.  I hope photos are okay here, and I hope cross-posting is all right.  Please let me know and I'll amend if necessary.
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looks good - I'd forgotten about this community - think this may be the first post ever!

(ok , first for over a year)
Thanks a bunch. I have a few other photos of it and my first completed one. Maybe I'll post those as well. I did notice that it was a little quiet here, so I thought I'd stick something up and see if anyone was watching!
Well, I'm still watching (in fact, I recently recommended this community in a post elsewhere, although I did mention the deadness of the comm). I'd love to see more of these, and a video or two of them in action would be great too.
I will try to get some more pictures up at least. Are there any rules about posting stuff that is in progress? I photograph my stuff as I build it, so there are many photos about "this is how I figured this bit out" and whatnot.

I will have to find someone with a video camera. I don't have one myself. I wish I had some cash lying around for something like that. Bah!
Well, I'm not the owner, and there aren't exactly any rules up on the description page. I'd love to see some "in progress" pics.
Yeah, I noticed that there wasn't much in the way of guidelines or directions on the description page, so I didn't want to get too crazy. I can put some pics up of construction work on this RBS. If I have it set up right, though, you should be able to go to my profile and click on my blog that has a bunch of entries detailing this RBS, the first one I built, the one I'm currently working on, and two large ones I've visited in museums.