gearhead69 (gearhead69) wrote in rubegoldberg,

New rolling ball sculpture with video! Title: Meer-col

So, been busy! Got a last-minute notification on a call for subs for the freakin' mayor's office! I've never tried for anything like that, but any exposure for me is good stuff. Plus, I only had a few days to produce something, and I knew that I had to test myself and see what I could (or could not?) do in only a few days. The short story is that I did manage to finish it on time, and it got accepted!

It is TIG welded and uses 1" marbles and is all of stainless steel. This piece is unique, because for its size the ONLY moving parts on it are the marbles. The track switch doesn't even have any moving parts! It's the first time I've tried one of those, and it turned out nicely.


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